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Upon inception Miami2Vegas (M2V) has strived to bring the best quality music while maintaining integrity and longevity. Since the early 90's Hip Hop Maniac has been a leader in the underground music scene. His first recordings came from an era where technology wasn't a big deal. In the late 80's he wrote a book of lyrics entitled "The Ski Speaks His Mind" in which he mailed off to the copyright office in Washington D.C. Since the late 80's he's since attended college in Ohio at Central State University which was known to many in the states and particularly the midwest as a "party school".

Hip Hop Maniac got the moniker from a college buddy back in 1993. During this time he began doing talent shows, dee jaying parties throughout Ohio with his dee jay partner DJ Bionic Man, then known as DJ Phat Stylz a turntable wizard who was infamous with the ladies and both the club scene in Dayton, Ohio. They both were heavy crate diggers and wax collectors, from funk, r & b, hip hop, dance music and jazz as well. They both shared a passion of music and also rockin crowds, from 50 people to hundreds as long as it included turntables and loud music they were both record store vinyl buyers forever.

Armed with turntables, drum machines, digital samplers Hip Hop Maniac began creating music from his favorite songs that were mainly unknown and hard to catch within sample parameters. He later got a recording deal in Detroit in 1996 with a studio in which led to him getting his own music publishing company and also many sessions with some of the best producers in the city at the time. He eventually started traveling around the country and walking away from that situation which led to him releasing his music on his own in which he has never turned back being a independent musician.

Record Store Day 2015

Miami2Vegas was formed out of pure neccessity after being branded as Mad Wax Recordings for 15 years he wanted to continue with distribution as he always had been doing however in the early 2000's the company took a loss in inventory due to some of the major retailers filing that broke and can't give you back your product method of doing business in America and he kept at it. Even lending a hand to some of the major companies in there street promotions during his stint as a major label promoter for Elektra, EEG, Roc A Fella & The Ruff Ryders brand as well! During this time in Vegas he was becoming more & more popular.

Some of the labels favorite large chain record stores were now closing down which left the "mom & pop" stores to experience some up's and downs however staying alive through what most would call the "Big Cross Over" from cassette, vinyl, cd to digital Mp3's and downloads via the internet. Hip Hop Maniac stayed in the studio recording song after song. Dee jaying parties from male revues to college events as well as performing around the country in cafe's, gymnasiums, block parties sprinkling his fans with true lyrics and heartfelt beats. Never intending on "Getting Rich" Hip Hop Maniac stayed underground with the support from many radio dee jays from UNLV to Seton Hall.

Miami2Vegas has always been cutting edge and ahead of it's time as the parties kept getting more and more diverse he was attending a Latin Event in Las Vegas at a hall where there were two younger dee jays they knew of Hip Hop Maniac from his promotions and record sales both on the strip and in the streets and aksed if he could rock the turntables a bit, he really just wanted the mic to drop some flows however back in 2005 that was the first time he had seen 2 technics with the serato controller and he showed em a thing or two about scratching, mixing, beat matching hence the name DJ Spank Master Boogie was born that summer out of pure fun and enjoyment of the artform.