Steve Ra banner

His inspiration came from the club scene, parties, festivals he would Dee Jay throughout the state of Michigan and collaborating with many well established techno/house producers whom he always admired. Striving to create new sounds such as the likes of Mike Banks (founder of Underground Resistance), Juan Atkins, Blake Baxter (Save The Vinyl), Kenny Larkin, King Britt, Richie Hawtin, Carl Craig and Dutchborn Orlando Voorn (DMC Battle Champ DJ/Tech/House Producer) Formulating a Mothership of sounds on his breakout album "RA Boogie:313 Experiment" available in digital stores. The M2V Label learned about DJ Steve Ra from a mutual friend who was doing both of there logos, album covers and graphics. The logo for DJ Steve Ra was sbmitted by Tonic Man (Richbumz) and won an award/contest for the SciFi Channel. After learning this he was the mediator between the two hooking up to continue releasing good music digitally and via vinyl/cds to their recognized fans.

SyFy Channel Contest Winner Steve Ra Logo via Tonic Man

DJ Steve Ra has a well establised rapport with Snail Juice Records LLC. being a long time friend of the Professor and is releasing many new songs including a ep entitled "Between Dimensions" with 2 other hard driving techno songs "In The Zone" and "Energy Exchange" Orlando Voorn Remix through the label that made it's mark in the 90's in the midwest electro dance scene. DJ Steve Ra also released a maxi single via beatport and digital stores "I Like Techno" b/w "Keep Moving Forward"