Science of Hip Hop Maniac

November 7, 2018 0 By admin
Science of Hip Hop Maniac

The Science of the Hip Hop Maniac.

The Picture above is of Slug (Right holding the mic) and Musab (Left holding his head down) of Atmosphere and Beyond. Rhymesayers Ent. This video footage was recorded in the fall of 1996 as you can see Hip Hop Maniac was wearing a red Nautica “Competition” Bubble Coat purchased from Foot Locker.

This video wasn’t released until  Oct 6, 2012, by Pete Mac additional footage here of this event: Apr 18, 2015, by Intercala Records

All of the above events concerning who won the MC Battle in 1996 would have been squashed by Hip Hop Maniac except “Rhymesayers Ent.” continued to either blog, comment, or promote the throwback event without ever mentioning Hip Hop Maniac’s name, they also took a very very long time to edit the footage and release it on youtube considering they had a so-called 20 year anniversary in 2016.

20 years of never mentioning people that came out supported, donated money, performed and in Hip Hop Maniac’s case actually won the battle!