Hip Hop Maniac Humanoid Destructo full length album released on vinyl April 2015 get your copy today

A1. Force Field (Produced by Hip Hop Maniac)

A2. Massive (Jaz-O, Kosha Dillz DISS)(Produced by Hip Hop Maniac)

A3. Turtle Speed Flow (Produced by Hip Hop Maniac)

A4. Bass 313 (Produced by DJ Steve Ra)

B5. Stutter Step Featuring Dot Rambo/DotZilla aka Jah Akeem(Produced by Hip Hop Maniac)

B6. Meet Me At The Arcade (Produced by Matt O'Neil)

B7. B-Movies (Produced by DJ B SQRD)

B8. Mic Clutch (Produced by Tonic Man)

B9. Cordial Killer (Produced by Hip Hop Maniac)

B10. Coconut Ashtrays

B11. Humanoid Destructo (Produced by Dot Rambo/DotZilla aka Jah Akeep)

Digital Deluxe Download Bonus Song "Introid" Featuring Lisa Amaro (Produced by DJ Steve Ra)

Digital Deluxe Download Bonus Song "Void Terrain" (Produced by ElleKtra)

Digital Deluxe Download Bonus Song "Return Of The Record Store" (Produced by Hip Hop Maniac)

Hip Hop Maniac "Humanoid Destructo" 180 Gram Vinyl Full Color
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"Bass 313” is a Multiplex of Sound and Artistic Virtuosity

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